Gemological Evaluations - Jewelry Appraisal and Evaluations - Special Investigations Unit - Litigation and Expert Witness
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Roy Peters – Two Eagles Appraisal

Do not let yourself be fooled. All that glitters is not gold.

It takes a highly trained and trained individual to grade and appraise your jewelry.

With so many fake and man made gems in the market this training and experience is priceless.

Bachelor of Science, Geology, University of Wisconsin
Graduate Gemologist
Graduate Peals
Accredited Jewelry Professional
Registered Gemologist Appraiser
Litigation and Expert Witness

Full Gemological Laboratory with all necessary instruments to identify and grade your gems and jewelry.

Your items will never leave your sight.
Your jewelry is professionally photographed, measured and weighed to determine the weight of gems and metal.

Almost 2 decades of Gemological experience and over 5 decades of Geological Experience.

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