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MP Jewels House

– Gemological Consultation
– Gemstone Identification Service
– Consultation On Wearing a Lucky Gemstone To Enhance Luck, Relationship, Career,
Health and Wealth.
– Crystal Healing Therapy
– Custom Made Jewelry
– Chakras and Aura Consultation and Healing

Tan Kah Yeow is a Registered Gemologist Appraiser of the International School of Gemology, graduating with honors. He is also an Associate of the Global Claims Associates, the largest jewelry claims and investigation organization in the world with a home office located in the United States. He has completed the Litigation and Expert Witness course program with the Global Claims Associates and is a founding member of the GCA. He is an internationally recognized gemologist and gemstone expert.

In year 2007, GIA – Accredited Jewelry Professional
In year 2007, ISG/IIJA – Registered Gemologist
In year 2008, ISG/IIJA – Registered Gemologist Appraiser
In year 2008, PGA – Planetary Gemologist
In year 2009, SNHS – Crystal Healing Therapist
In year 2019, AIGS – Accredited Gemologist


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